Double O

Double O is a drum and bass MC from Kent. He started at the tender age of 12 mimicking the likes of the late great Stevie Hyper D (RIP) He has made progressive moves within the scene and has worked along side many greats including, Skibadee, Shabba, Evil B, Nicky Blackmarket, Sigma, Brookes Brothers, Brockie, Mampi Swift, Shadow Demon, Higher Level, UNCZ, New Breed and many more….

Double O was the founder of Ruff Agenda recordings where he met producer JKD. He went from drum and bass and started spitting to a mixture of beats and found he had a versitility for any genre and tempo. Double O and JKD then linked up with Danja MC (i2i). this was the start of the syn fam (synoptic recordings). Double O has held himself back from progression due to spending a substancial amount of years encarcerated in jail. he used his time to lay down the foundations of the well know verses that he can be heard spitting across the nation. 2011 saw double o get a not guilty in court when facing a life sentence and he was also discovered by the legendary Fatman D (new breed/bio) and signed to the biological beats label. Not happy to settle with just the UK scene he has gone on to grace stages around the continent including Netherlands Germany and Belgium where he continues to build up a growing fan bass. This year only gets better and you can find double o taking on Barcelona and ibiza…….

Not to be pigeon holed, Double O originates from the jump up scene but can take care of business on all platforms. He has been working with djs from ram records, spearhead and even hosted for alternative djs such as Uncle Duggs, MJ Cole and Harriet Jaxon…..

in 2013 double o went on to win the random concept mc competition after battling through country wide heats with over 500 contestants.


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