Flat T

FLAT T is a Producer/DJ/Musician hailing from Lowestoft, Suffolk, now located in the nearby city of NORWICH. FLAT T produces all styles of DRUM AND BASS ,DRUMSTEP, DUBSTEP, BREAKBEAT AND HIP HOP. FLAT T’s love of music began probably before he could even walk being born into a musical family. Starting playing instruments like guitar around the age of 12 and was in his first band at 13. He discovered his passion for jungle/dnb at around the same time listening to tape packs around 94/95 and inspired by DJ’s like Randall, Hype, Andy C, Ray Keith and Brockie to name a few. This is where it all started. FLAT T didn’t actually start producing/DJing until a bit later in around 2001 when he started a music course at Lowestoft college. This is where he became friends with DJ DOMINATOR and the pair began making dark dnb tracks together around 2002/2003. Things didn’t get serious until they received interest from Deadly records and got their 1st release LIVING HELL/INVENTION in 2009. From then on things progressed as the pair began to get noticed for mostly their jump up tracks at the time and releases followed on labels such as DTR, HEAVY CUT, G13. Over the last 2 years and then DOMINATOR and FLAT T signed to MC FATMAN D’S IMPRINT BIOLOGICAL BEATS along with fresh producer TELEKOM and released the successful ‘World Domination EP’. Since then things have got bigger as DJ support from the top players is growing fast. FLAT T is now receiving dj support from some top names like ANDY C, RANDALL, HYPE, NICKY BLACKMARKET, GROOVERIDER, CRISSY CRISS, HAZARD, KENNY KEN, GUV, BROCKIE, PROFILE, ORIGIN, PROPZ AND ROWNEY, LADY V DUBZ AND MANY MORE… You can catch FLAT T playing at various local events in NORWICH such as RUMBLE, COLOR, JUMP, REPRESENT ETC and other events around the country look out for the Young Guns Tours!! FLAT T has forthcoming releases Bio Beats – Holocaust EP In future plans for an LP on Bio beats work already in progress.. Keep your eyes peeled as 2014 proves to be a busy year for FLAT T

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