Mekar MC

Mekar MC, from Charlton, a breakthrough artist whose rapid fire delivery on the mic never fails to impress. Introduced to DnB at a young age by his parents through their illegal warehouse raves back in the early 90s,
it wasn’t until aged 13 he started writing bars and spitting over garage beats. His attention soon turned to DnB and it became a lifelong relationship: “My friends outside of school got me doing it over DnB and it worked very well, like a natural thing to do. I loved it, started writing everyday and recording at my friends’ house every time I could. It was a new escape from life”

Performing at raves led to guest slots on radio and in the end, landed him a weekly spot on the legendary Kool FM as well as a chance to host the Kiss fm birthday performing with Andy C, also featuring on their airwaves in 2011. With such versatility as a lyricist, it is easy to see why his skills on the mic can be transposed onto other areas of music, resulting in an experimental collection of hip hop & dnb tunes: “I’ve been testing the waters with other sounds, its time to show the masses what i’m about now, i’v got an album I have worked hard and long on, real proud of this.. its called First to Arrive”

Representing Biological Beats, Kool FM, Viper Recordings and Quality Control and with an involvement in the Drumatic Association (Poland), RNI (LA, California) and Renegade Noize (Dublin), Mekar is set to tear it up all over the globe. So with an album set to be released soon and bookings flying in all over Europe, it is clear that his dedication to the cause and determination to succeed will ensure that future is going to be a big year for Mekar MC.

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