Telekom is a budding Drum & Bass DJ & Producer hailing from the Suffolk Coast of East Anglia. Grew up from a young age with a passion for music. First heard rave

music listening to his friends tape packs in his school youth club in the early 2000’s and was instantly hooked and drawn towards it and was fascinated by Dj’ing,

eventually copping his own set of cheap turntables to try his hand at it locked away in a shed at the end of his parent’s garden. After a couple of years on the grind decided it was time to enter a DJ comp, Rumble being the most respected and well known promotion in the area thought what

better place to start. It was here he met MC Azza who was judging, when he decided to jump on mic duties for the set, and they were drawn together for their shared

taste in dirty drum & bass. The two started putting out mixtapes and doing internet radio. Azza then introduced Telekom to Dominator. In 2008 he started learning the ropes with Dominator and Flat T in the studio. After ‘catching the bug’ for making beats he eventually saved up his pennies to afford

his own set up and began expeimenting at home. By 2010 some of the finished productions started to come together into playble mixes. Telekom caught the attention of

Rowney & Propz of G13 Records who started to support and sign some of his tracks. Over time he has continued to progress in the studio alongside his co-pilots

Dominator & Flat T; constantly trying to improve his tunes and gain more support from big name DJs. In late 2011 Fatman D decided to take Telekom under his wing after hearing a few tunes that had been sent over by Dominator & Flat T, soon becoming a member of the

Bio Beats Crew with them. At the end of 2011 Telekom achieved his first big milestone when Grooverider played his first solo production for Biological Beats; ‘Alchemy’

on BBC Radio 1. Telekom continued to try and build himself a name in the scene releasing a flurry of tracks on Bioloigical Beats, G13 & Hangar records. The highlight being the

release of the ‘British Telekom EP’ which took up the 1,2,4,5 places in the old Nu-Urban Music chat for a week… Not to forget his first bookings on the continent in

Poland and Belgium. Although known for keeping a ‘low profile’ online, he continues to work hard in the studio. Constantly trying to progress and keep stepping up his production to

‘the next level’. Tracks have seen support from Grooverider, Logan D, Sly, Guv, Crissy Criss, Serial Killaz, Origin, Dominator, G13, Turno, Konichi, and more…

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